Celadon found the disparity between carriers large and small, was in all measurable areas, shrinking.

As the predominant motivator of a customer to move from a large incumbent carrier to a smaller competitive carrier was usually price driven, it made sense to offer a variety of carriers. In this way those customer that needed substantial reductions in price would receive them. While those that needed “higher service levels” would stay with the incumbent.

That paradigm has now evaporated. The delta between large and small carrier pricing is nominal, if there is any difference at all. What has changed is that there has become more specialization. This places certain carriers in a dominant position not just based on price or carrier size, but on what the customer needs are. As such, KeaneTel has partnered with carriers large and small, incumbent and competitive alike. The driver in selecting our carriers is to provide the best mix of solutions for our customers potential business needs.

Specifically, we have selected almost twenty carriers, one or more of whom can assuredly fulfill the customers specific business needs.

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